Our program is scientifically based, broken down into 12 steps taught over 6 weeks. Students are taught once a week for an hour in an interactive class with 15 to 30 of their peers. Our instructors are Eatrite Nutrition certified and hold a background in nutritional sciences. Join us to learn the foundations of nutrition and how they are applied in every day life.


As a student you will be encouraged to log all meals into an online program where food journals are tracked weekly. We have developed a point system to grading these journals so you can better understand how to adjust your food intake. To encourage a little friendly competition, the individual with the most points at the end of the challenge wins a cash prize.


The Eatrite Nutrition program is not a diet nor are we focused on weight loss, but with all of the positive and healthy dietary changes, you will see significant changes in weight and body composition. The Eatrite Nutrition program is a lifestyle change that focuses on long term behavioral change so that each individual can achieve results that last.

Changing the world one bite at a time




Eatrite Nutrition works closely with facilities to host our program as part of a healthy partnership providing food, fitness, and nutritional guidance for valued members of the community

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